Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let it snow....

So the plan was to get up bright and early, be on the road by 8 a.m., get to Rocky Mountain National Park by 9:30, and enjoy the scenic vistas and majestic nature before the weather was supposed to roll in later in the day. Everything went according to plan except, of course, the weather. As unpredictable as Chicago weather can be, it's nothing compared to springtime in the Rockies. Today there was consistent snowfall that began to accumulate as we headed up the mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park. We hoped to get above the weather in order to see the continental divide and western slope, but the weather did not cooperate. After about one hour in the park, we decided to leave and do some shopping at the Fall River visitor center. After lunch in Estes Park, we decided to travel south with the hopes of better weather, again to no avail. On the bright side, the students were treated to the sights of Big Thompson Canyon and the Lyons, CO area.

After a short respite, we had dinner and went to the Jazz Festival concert. Tonight's lineup featured the Festival All-Star Band and jazz legends Chick Corea, piano and Gary Burton, vibraphone. The performance was stellar and included their take on Eleanor Rigby, Strange Meadow Lark, and Blue Monk among others. For the month of April, the Shamrocks have been treated to performances by artists that have won a total of 25 Grammy Awards! To say that they have been exposed to great music is an understatement. This month has been one to never forget.

We will be on the road tomorrow, so I may not be able to post an article. Plan on the students arriving a couple hours earlier on Sunday than originally planned. We hope to be on the road tomorrow night by 6 p.m. local time.

Some pics from the day:

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