Thursday, April 28, 2011

The UCCC Was On Fire!

....with great music that is. Day 3 in our journey was all about the voice. Shamrockappella, Northern Colorado Voices, New York Voices, and grade school, high school, and college vocal jazz ensembles from all over the country. Literally. There are groups at this three-day festival from ILLINOIS (obviously), Georgia, Maryland, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho.... well you get the idea.

The Shamrocks did a wonderful job in their premiere festival performance. Soloists Luis Rivas, Jimmy Keating, and Kevin Jandrists were recognized for their outstanding performances. Following their HOT performance, the judge/clinician began working with them, until the fire alarm went off! We had to vacate the theater and while outside, the clinician continued to help out our singers. The running joke was that the fire alarm went off BECAUSE of the Shamrockappella performance. Truth is, we don't really know, so maybe it did!

After a great dinner at Three Margaritas restaurant (don't worry, nobody was served alcohol), we returned to the Union Colony Civic Center for a FANTASTIC concert with Northern Colorado Voices and the world famous New York Voices. NYV played alongside the UNC Jazz Lab Band, who just received the Downbeat Award for Outstanding Collegiate Jazz Big Band. They performed for about 90 minutes to a standing ovation and an encore.

We returned to the hotel energized and inspired. We begin tomorrow bright and early, loading the bus at 8 a.m., so it's off to sleep.

Below are some pics from today:

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